P90 Humbucker vs Original P90

There are many guitarists out there that would like to know the differences (sound, size etc) between an Original P90 pickup and a newer P90 humbucker pickup.

While they sound similar for the most part, for the trained guitar ear one will definitely notice subtle differences.

Lets talk about size for a minute..

The P90 humbucker is obviously bigger in size and this already is something that makes a little difference to the sound. While it may seem like a few extra millimetres in size would be ridiculous to affect the sound, the truth of the matter is that it does. Original P90 pickups are a lot more narrow than the humbucker sized P90

Lets talk about materials for a minute..

The cover of the original p90 pickup is made from plastic while the P90 humbucker has a metal cover. The metal cover gives the pickup a slightly brighter sound with more high end. The metal cover along with the size of the pickup make a difference to the overall sound of the pickup.

However, despite these differences the two pickups share many of the same characteristics and whilst they different slightly, the humbucker p90 can definitely be considered in the category of P90’s, and good one’s at that.